Hi guys! We're Lauren & Allen. The couple behind the scenes of adventure photography. We're originally from the Midwest (Ohio), but recently relocated our base to the Southeast desert cities of California. We've been traveling between our home in Cincinnati, to our couples' destinations out west, but this coming year we're going full-time in our camper, making the road our first home and easily able to travel to states in the Southwest region of the United States. 

I tend to get deep way too quick (wonder why I enjoy elopements and travel photography...) So I'll try to keep this brief and reserve that deep ish for a later time and a glass of wine if you'd like;)  

Allen and I are a team. We've been together for over 5 years. Our love for travel and something different began when we (on a whim) moved from Ohio to Colorado. We lived there for 2 years and spent most of that time traveling around the U.S.; learning and exploring all kinds of nooks, crannies, national parks, mountain ranges, shorelines, hillsides, you name it. The travel bug hit HARD. 

I'm Lauren - your main photographer and adventure coordinator. I'm motivated by tacos, margs, pizza and wine. Just kidding. Wait, no I'm not. But seriously, I'm thrilled by the sheer joy of exploring, challenging new terrains, reaching new heights and outrageous views. And what better way to do that than with the one(s)you love? I WISH I had a photographer with us when Allen I traveled into the Rockies for the first time together. It's such a euphoric, breath taking experience. Documenting moments captured in some of the most gorgeous locations in the U.S. is pure bliss. It's not just a picture. It's a special memory and piece of your story; documented and tangible. 

Allen is a detailed, tech savvy guru, who enjoys to work behind the scenes. He's a logistical, efficeincy-expert and operational genius. He works to assist on most weddings and some elopements, creating drone content (when applicable) and providing second-shooter content (some of my FAVORITE images come from the candid moments he catches because he has this keen eye for detail). He's obsessed with memes, the office and funny cat videos.

We own a home in Cincinnati, OH that we rent out on AirBnB while we explore, travel and capture our client's moments around the U.S. We travel in our jeep + camper with our 2 cats. We're evolving from a traditional lifestyle to one filled with a lot more travel and exploring. 

If you read all this, I already love you  -and hope that we cross paths ;)