About Love & elopement PHOTOGRAPHY


Hi guys! We're Lauren & Allen. The couple behind the scenes of love & elopement photography. We're originally from Ohio, where we still have a home, but now live a tiny life in our camper and camper van, in Southern California.  Previously, we've been traveling between our home in Cincinnati, to our couples' destinations out west. But this year, we decided to make the road our permanent residence, to fulfill our deepest passions and be close to our couples. We love the outdoors, learning about new nooks and crannies, roughin' it and exploring new places some may never look at twice. 

Lauren - I'm your main photographer and coordinator. I'm obsessed with laughter and passionate couples that don't hold back. I'm motivated by tacos, margs, pizza and wine. Totally not kidding, I'm easily bribed.  I'm thrilled by the sheer joy of exploring, challenging new terrains, reaching new heights and outrageous views. I strive to make sure your session or event isn't just me with a camera, posing you and taking pictures. That sounds really boring and not sure who would want that. I like to make our time an experience, an adventure, a story of your real emotions and genuine reactions with the love of your life. You found love -- in this huge, crazy world, you found love. Let's celebrate that!! You have a story to cherish and share, for a lifetime. We're here to document it.

The other part of this operation is Allen, or as I call him, Cope (full name is Allen Cope). We struggle to call each other by our actual names. Which is funny, because when we first started dating I said I would never call him "baby" and well, love changes things... ;) Allen is detailed-oriented, extremely technological, and enjoys to work behind the scenes in the field or in the office. He's extremely skilled with logistics and operations. In fact, his full time job is an operations manager. When contracted, he assists on weddings and elopements, creating drone content (when applicable) and providing second-shooter content (some of my FAVORITE images come from the candid moments he catches because he has this keen eye for detail). He's obsessed with memes, the office and funny cat videos. 

If you read all this, I already love you, lets get wine and make our paths cross soon ;)