Winter Park, Colorado - Mary Jane Slope

Winter Park, Colorado - Mary Jane Slope




Hi guys! We're Lauren & Allen - a couple originally from central Ohio area -aka- midwest USA. I am  -horrible- at talking about myself because I tend to get deep way to quick. (wonder why I enjoy elopements and travel photography..) So I'll reserve that for a later time and a glass of wine if you'd like!  

Allen and I are a team. We've been together for over 5 years. Our love for travel began when we (on a whim) moved from Ohio to Colorado. We lived there for 2 years and spent most of that time traveling around the U.S. ; learning and exploring all kinds of nooks and crannies. We  know a lot of people don't get this opportunity,  so we feel super super blessed. 

We own a home in Cincinnati, OH that we rent out on AirBnB while we explore, travel and capture our client's moments around the U.S. We travel in our jeep + camper with our 2 cats. We've evolving from a traditional lifestyle to one filled with a lot more travel and exploring. 

I'm Lauren - your main photographer and inspo guru. I'm motivated by sheer joy of exploring, challenging new terrains and all the stories of those I meet along the way. I love, love. Am a huge sucker for gorgeous sunsets and red wine. 

Allen is the detailed, business man and loves to work behind the scenes. He's a fantastic web developer and techy guru. He's all the travel logistics and makes for a great resource when choosing shoot locations, mapping out the best routes and making your adventure session stress-free. An efficiency-expert you might call it. He works to assist on most shoots and weddings, creating video content and providing second-shooter content. He's obsessed with memes, the office and funny cat videos.


We're so glad you took time to read this - and hope we can cross paths.